• Checking The MSD Ignition For Spark

    Checking The MSD Ignition For Spark The following test will determine if your MSD is producing a spark. (image) White Wire Trigger If you are using the White wire (points or electronic amplifier) of the MSD to trigger the ignition,

    Engine Run On

      Engine Run-On If your engine continues to run even when the ignition is turned Off you are experiencing engine Run-On. This usually only occurs on older vehicles with an external voltage regulator. Because the MSD receives power directly from the battery, it does not require much current to keep the unit energ

    Import Vehicles

    Import Vehicles If your fuel injected import vehicle fails to start or the tachometer reads erratically, you will need an MSD Tach Adapter PN 8910. If the PN 8910 is installed and you have spark but the vehicle will still

    Magnetic Pickup in the Distributor
    Magnetic Pickup in the Distributor The magnetic pickup in MSD Distributors can also be checked with an Ohm meter to make sure it is within operating specifications. Once again, connect the Ohm meter's leads to the two terminals of the
    Modifying AMC oiling for performance and long life

    All American Oiling Modifying the AMC oiling system for performance and long lifeAn age old hot rodding adage goes something like “An engine is more than the sum of its parts”. While that oft repeated saying has been tossed around

    No 12v present at Coil+

    One common question in regards to MSD Ignition controls is “Why isn’t 12V power on the orange (COIL +) wire?”
    The main reason 12V won’t be present at coil + is because your MSD ignition is a Capacitive Discharge Ignition...

    Non-Magnetic Pick-up Resistance Values
    Non Magnetic Pick up Resistance Values Part Number Description Syteline Description Resistance (ohms) 8153 Compact Non Magnetic Pick up Shielded Crank Trigger Pickup, 22" 110 130
    Spark Plug Wires

    Spark Plug Wires If you suspect a spark plug wire to be open causing poor performance, check the resistance of each wire. By checking the resistance of each wire you will determine two things That there is continuity (not open)

    Suggested wire gauge for current requirements
    Max Load Wire Size Amps AWG 350 1 0 225 2 150 4 125 6 100 8 60 10 40 12
    Tachometer Operation

     Tachometer Operation If your tachometer doesn't read correctly after installing an MSD, you may need a Tach Adapter. On GM vehicles, first remove the tach filter. There are two MSD Tach Adapters. Contact MSD Tech with the manufacturer of your